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Meet the Team of Thrive Counselors

Melanie Klinke Aurora Family Therapist, Denver Teen Therapist

Melanie Klinke, MFTC, LPCC works with Couples, Families, and Individuals to communicate better and heal from traumas.

Jessica Sepulveda Greenwood Village Marriage Counselor

Jessica Sepulveda, LPC works with Couples, Individuals, Addictions, Children, Teens, and Families. Jessica es bilingue en Ingles y Español!

Eliana Lay Denver Marriage Counselor, Centennial Christian Counselor

Eliana Lay, LPCC, works with Couples, Individual Relationship Concerns, Anxiety and Depression, and Trauma.

Michelle Petersen Denver LGBTQ Couples Therapist

Michelle Petersen, BA helps couples, individuals and LGBTQ+ people to improve communication and repair relationships.

Angela Powell Denver Couples Counselor, Denver Family Therapist

Angela Powell, M.Ed., LPC, Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist works with Individuals, Couples, Stepfamilies and Co-Parents.

Family Counselor Denver Tech Center Maury Holliman

Maury Holliman, MFTC works with Couples, Families and Teens to build solid relationships.

Emma Loach, Greenwood Village Marriage Counselor, Denver Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emma Abel Loach, LMFT, Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist, Supervisor and Clinical Director works with Couples, Parents, & Children to have their best relationships.

Amy Stambuk Centennial Marriage Counselor

Amy Stambuk, LCSW works with Couples, Families, Teens and Children to live their best lives.

Susan Rexroth, Denver Couples Therapist, Greenwood Village Marriage Counselor, Christian Counselor, Centennial Teen Counselor, Greenwood Village Christian family counseling

Susan Rexroth, LPC works with couples, trauma, and people coping with disability.

Charlaine Thet Centennial Marriage Counselor

Charlaine Thet, MA, MFTC works with Couples, Families, Teens and Children to improve communication and love more fully.

Allison Rimland, LPC works with Couples, Anxiety, and Trauma. Allison is the Founder & Executive Director.

Centennial Couples Counselor

Sydney Sonderman Sanders, LCSW works with Couples, Improving Sexual Connection, Grief and Illness.

Chrystal Dellinger Denver LGBT Therapist, Denver Couples Counselor

Chrystal Dellinger, LPC works with Couples, Children, Teens, Families, Grief and Trauma.

Angie Linhof Greenwood Village marriage counselor, Centennial couples therapy, Denver child counseling, Denver Teen Therapist

Angie Linhof, LMFT works to improve relationships with couples, individuals, and teens.

Christen Curry Colorado Couples Therapist, Denver Black Therapist

Christen Curry, BA, Graduate Counseling Intern works with Couples, Adult Individuals and Teens to improve relationships. She also works with athletes and their families.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Thrive

For Frequently Asked Questions about Couples Counseling, click here.

Who is Thrive Couple and Family Counseling?

Thrive was founded in 2008 by Allison Rimland as a practice focused on healing people and families. Today, we are a team of dedicated therapists in the Denver Tech Center who care deeply about providing exceptional counseling to people who want better relationships with significant others, themselves, their children and families, as well as friends.

Here are Thrive, we are Relationship Specialists. All of us have invested significantly in advanced and ongoing training in the most cutting edge and effective methods of relationship therapy.

We understand you are here because things are hard. We know the way out, and will fight alongside you to reach your goals.

We are LGBTQIA* affirming, and warmly welcome all people to our practice.

Do you offer online therapy?

At Thrive, we do offer online video counseling therapy. To learn more about this alternative to in-person therapy, click here.

What are your fees for Counseling Services?

Our fees vary by length of session and the therapist, and are subject to change over the course of the therapists’ career. We also offer low-cost counseling options through our Counseling Interns Michelle Petersen, BA and Christen Curry, BA. Each therapist’s availability to accept new clients changes regularly. Please call so we can learn about your counseling goals, and match you with an open therapist that best meets your needs, 303-513-8975, X1.

$210 for 75-minutes, $140 for 50-minutes:  Charlaine Thet, MA, MFTC; Eliana Lay, MA, LPCC; Maury Holliman, MA, MFTC; Melanie Klinke, MA, MFTC, LPCC

$240 for 75-minutes, $160 for 50-minutes:  Angie Linhof, MA, LMFT;  Chrystal Dellinger, MA, LPC; Jessica Sepulveda, MA, LPC; Sydney Sanders, MSW, LCSW

$270 for 75-minutes, $180 for 50-minutes:  Amy Stambuk, MSW, LCSW; Angela Powell, M.Ed., LPC, Certified EFT Therapist; Susan Rexroth, MA, LPC

$300 for 75-minutes, $200 for 50-minutes:  Emma Loach, M.Ed., LMFT, Clinical Director, Certified EFT Therapist

$330 for 75-minutes, $200 for 50-minutes Allison Rimland, MS, LPC, Certified EFT Therapist & Supervisor, Founder

$90 for 75-minutes, $60 for 50-minutes: – Michelle Petersen, BA and Christen Curry, BA – Graduate Counseling Interns

Do you accept insurance?

We are out of network providers. Fees are due at time of service.

We are happy to provide you with statements for out of network reimbursement or for flexible spending accounts (FSA).

More on Insurance:

Although it may sometimes be financially necessary to utilize insurance benefits to pay for therapy, there are several important considerations:

  • Couples counseling is NOT typically covered by insurance because insurance companies don’t see it as medically necessary. Most couples counseling does not meet the medical model requirements of focusing sessions on one person’s mental health diagnosis.
  • All Insurance claims require a medical model diagnosis, even if one doesn’t exist. This can affect or limit future insurance coverage and may inhibit certain employment opportunities
  • The insurance company, not you, decides how many sessions are appropriate for your treatment.
  • Private information, even under new privacy policies, is shared with insurance companies.
  • Private information is stored in the Medical Information Bureau where it can be accessed in the future by insurers, employers, etc.
  • Having a mental health diagnosis can limit your ability to get insurance in the future or to apply to certain types of jobs.

Where are you located?

Our Englewood Therapy offices are conveniently located in the Denver Tech Center, near I-25 and the Dry Creek exit. We serve clients from Greenwood Village, Denver, Centennial, Littleton, Aurora, Cherry Hills Village, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Parker and Castle Rock.

Englewood Counseling Office
68 Inverness Lane East, Ste 106
Englewood, CO 80112
303-513-8975, X1

Have Questions? Send us a Note

We offer options for either in-office or online video counseling sessions & are currently accepting new clients. Contact us to learn more or schedule now.
68 Inverness Lane East, Ste 106, Englewood, CO 80112 | 303-513-8975

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