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Denver Tech Center Divorce Counseling

Divorce is a major and difficult life event for most people. We believe there are better ways to cope. With Denver Divorce Counseling, we help you find healthy ways to cope, give you space to work through your feelings during the process of divorce, and help you learn all that you can learn about what happened in your marriage or relationship. You can’t divorce yourself, and you never want to be in this position, again. Denver Divorce Counseling

I’ve Decided To Divorce My Spouse | My Spouse is Divorcing Me

The decision to divorce has been made. Perhaps that decision was made by you; perhaps the choice was made by your ex-partner. Or, there’s a chance you both came to the same decision: divorce was the right answer. Ideally, your divorce will be graceful and peaceful. Divorce Counseling can help tremendously to support you to cope in healthy ways as you go through this difficult time.

Actually, I’m not sure I want to divorce or leave my relationship

Are you struggling to decide if you should stay or go? Check out our support for relationships on the brink of divorce or break up. Lots of people find it difficult to get clear on how they feel about the relationship, and whether they want to get couples counseling to try to make it work, or to leave the relationship. It helps a lot to have a Relationship Therapist to help you navigate the times when you feel really unclear.

Divorce is Hard

Unfortunately, divorce is rarely simple or quick. Even when the legal process is fast, the emotional process can be much more complicated. Divorce marks the end of an important relationship and it can be one of life’s most painful experiences.

Not only do you have to find ways to cope with your own feelings, but your partner will have their feelings as well. The two of you will likely continue to have interactions that affect you, and old negative patterns can continue to occur.

On top of the roller coaster of emotions you’re experiencing, there’s also business to tend to. Finances and property must be handled, and this can be quite overwhelming.

Divorce Complications

If you have children, then everything becomes significantly more complicated. Talking to your children about divorce and coming to a custody arrangement are the first of many challenges you and your ex-partner will face as you learn to co-parent.

Finding Hope in the Heartache

As a couple, Greenwood Village divorce counseling can provide a neutral, structured and safe opportunity to work through feelings together so they aren’t coming out constantly as you try to navigate important and practical conversations. Saying goodbye with more compassion and understanding will likely help reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety that divorce creates.

Think of divorce counseling like a safe steam vent. If you two can work together to say goodbye in the most peaceful and productive way, it will likely help spare you from a prolonged and messy divorce where the upset feelings keep interrupting saying goodbye.

Divorce counseling can also mean a world of difference for your children. If you can build a solid foundation of cooperative co-parenting, you can spare your children the pain of years of fighting and anger that can be so toxic for kids.

Divorce counseling can help you as an individual to work through your feelings, grieve the loss of your relationship, and cope with new realities and challenges post-divorce.

From this painful transition, you can usually find an opportunity for self-growth. As the saying goes, “you can’t divorce yourself.” We can help you understand your part in the negative patterns present in your relationship so you don’t repeat them with future partners.

For most, divorce is a huge loss and a major life transition. Either individually or together, we can help you walk through the difficult conversations as your lives separate. Goodbye doesn’t have to be ugly. Call us now at 303-513-8975 or book online easily. Schedule Appointment

Divorce Counseling Tips

We offer options for either in-office or online video counseling sessions & are currently accepting new clients. Contact us to learn more or schedule now.
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