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Denver Tech Center Couples Counseling Specialists

When so much is on the line in your most important relationship, you need specialized and skilled help. This is not the time for “Maybe this therapist can help us. They say they work with couples sometimes.” Couples Counseling is our passion, and we are dedicated to giving your relationship the help it needs. 

Here at Thrive, we specialize in couples counseling. All of our therapists are trained in the most effective, research-based Couples Counseling method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. We continually invest in training for the most cutting-edge methods of helping relationships. We breathe, live and dream to provide you with the most successful couples therapy. We are laser focused right where we should be – on helping you build your best relationship.

There are a lot of reasons to go to couples counseling. Maybe your story is like:

Mark & Sarah. Mark & Sarah have been together for five years, but are experiencing a lot more conflict since the start of the pandemic. 

Betty & Cindy. Betty & Cindy are in love. But no matter how hard they seem to try, the sexual intimacy in their relationship is rare and when it does happen, seems obligatory. 

Steve & Adrian. Steve & Adrian have been together for 12 years, but last month, Steve learned that Adrian has had an affair. They want to make it work, but friends have told them the infidelity is a bad sign and now they don’t know how to try to heal.   

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Wanting or needing relationship and marriage counseling doesn’t mean your relationship is over. In fact, it usually means that you and your partner are ready and willing to do the difficult but rewarding work of changing your communication patterns to go from stuck and disconnected to closeness, open communication, and meeting each other’s most important needs. With support from our couples therapists, we can help you work through the obstacles facing your relationship. 

Through our couples counseling, we will empower you to: 

Have difficult conversations

The foundation of every strong relationship is strong communication. But it’s hard to get there on our own. Whenever our hearts and feelings are involved, finding that impartial middle ground from which to listen to our partner can seem impossible. Our marriage and relationship counselors will guide you through how to have these difficult conversations with your partner, so that you can better address conflict as it comes up. 

Share what you’re feeling

Bottling up our feelings when we’re upset helps us avoid conflict in the moment, but it almost always leads to further conflict down the road. Instead of keeping your feelings to yourself, we’ll give you the tools you need to view your feelings as something to be honored and shared with your partner. 

Identify your conflict cycle

We are so used to our own patterns and habits, that we might not be able to pin down our own relationship conflict cycle. A couples therapist can help you and your partner identify those patterns that keep dragging you into conflict, and how to stop the endless back-and-forth cycle. 

Have more control of your reactions

After committing to couples therapy, you and your partner may find that you both can now tolerate negative and positive emotions better. You will both become familiar with your emotional processes, and as a team you will be better equipped to figure out how those reactions are related to your history. And with this knowledge the two of you can better manage high intensity emotions that come out during conflict. 

A graphic with white text on a wavy orange background that reads "In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy our goal is to help you and your partner learn to be more open and vulnerable with each other." Next to a photo of a white woman and a Black woman in a loving embrace. | Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Centennial Colorado

After couples therapy…

Mark & Sarah were able to work through the tension they were feeling and name the stress they’ve been feeling at home since the start of the pandemic. With the help of a couples counselor, they were able to learn new ways to communicate with each other when these stressors arise, and develop a plan together for how to manage tension in their home in the future. 

Jessica & Cindy were able to get to the root of their intimacy blocks. With help from their couples therapist, they worked through some blocks each had that were causing many of the moments of disconnection between them. They shared how each of them feels seen & desired, and learned new tools for strengthening intimacy within their relationship. 

Steve & Adrian came away with a sense of hope that they could repair their relationship. They worked with their therapist to establish ways to reassure each other when fears or conflict arose. They learned how their relationship had been really struggling and they were drifting apart, and how they could work together to strengthen their relationship for the future. Both were able to begin to lean on each other when things got rough between them. They now tell their friends not to give up; that hope can be found even when you’ve been through incredibly hard times. 

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There are a lot of reasons couples therapy might be right for you. And there are no wrong answers! If you think your relationship could use a little outside support, then you deserve to have it! But some common signs that your relationship could use the support of one of our couples therapists include: 

What can you expect from couples therapy?

Our couples therapists will provide you with: 

  • A clear understanding of how you get stuck in negative patterns of communication
  • Lots of practice at beginning to spot this negative pattern yourselves (the first step in overcoming it!)
  • A process to uncover the unique feelings, needs, strengths and challenges in your relationship
  • A clear road map to get your relationship from disconnected and unhappy to close, strong and love-filled again
  • Skills and practice learn to communicate effectively
  • Guidance to feel heard, understood and cared for by your partner
  • Support to rediscover passion and increase sexual intimacy
  • Opportunity to heal and grow beyond relationship damage such as affairs
  • A map for successful communication around common couple challenges like money, sex, parenting, and work-life balance
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In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, our goal is to help you and your partner learn to be more open and vulnerable with each other.

Our couples therapists are there to teach you how to organize and share your feelings honestly with your partner. Couples counseling offers the same opportunities for couples to feel seen, understood and given unconditional positive regard that individual therapy offers us on our own. 

We believe that every relationship can benefit from couples counseling. We want you to feel empowered to face challenges as a team and communicate effectively.

Our Inverness / Englewood counseling office is conveniently located at I-25 and Dry Creek. Call us today, or simply schedule an appointment now to get started on improving your life.

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