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In-Office or Online Therapy Available

For your family’s convenience, we offer both in-office and online child therapy options. Sometimes it’s more convenient to meet via video due to busy schedules or to prevent illness exposure when the little ones get sick. Whether you’re looking to bring your child in to our beautiful Centennial therapy office or your child feels more comfortable in their own space, your kiddo deserves to Thrive!

Due to our flexible location options, we are available to work with children and families not just in the Denver metro area, but throughout the state of Colorado.


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How Do I Know If My Child Can Benefit From Counseling?

  • Is your child experiencing a major transition in their life?
  • Are they having a hard time making friends or connecting with others? Or being bullied?
  • Has your child started to withdraw within themselves, or avoid things they used to enjoy?
  • Does your child seem to worry about the future? Do they get stuck in worries? 
  • Do they struggle to express and regulate their emotions in healthy ways?

If your child is showing any of the signs above, it may be a signal they could use some extra help.

Childhood is a rich and complex time. Kids are going through tremendous physical and emotional changes. It can be a lot to handle. 

With a rapidly developing brain, kids might not have the language to articulate when they need a little extra help.

We know how stressful this can be for parents too. It’s hard to know if your child is right on track, or if they need some extra support or tools to address their particular challenges. 

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Child Counseling for COVID Struggles

With plenty of school and activities still canceled due to COVID-19, your child may be growing restless at home, or the opposite, as if they might never leave their bedroom again. This is a confusing enough time to be an adult, let alone a child. Children might still have a lot of BIG FEELINGS about what’s going on, including losses, lack of “normal” healthy routines, fears of getting sick, or feeling isolated not seeing their friends or family for this extended period of time.

Sometimes kids can use feeling words to tell you what’s going on. Other times, you might simply see an increase in challenging behaviors, or see behavior indicating signs of anxiety or depression. As Colorado Child Counselors, we can help you and your child to share and work through their feelings about the pandemic or other challenges.

Child Counseling Catered to Your Child’s Needs

By providing your child an age-appropriate and safe space to dive into whatever is troubling them without judgement or fear of getting “in trouble,” you can empower them with healthy emotional coping tools. 

As Greenwood Village child counselors, our team truly enjoys working with children and welcomes the opportunity to help them face their challenging issues. 

Using the universal language of kids, play, we help your child share and overcome their challenges to continue growing into the wonderful child they are.

We also help you as the parent to gain perspective on what’s happening in your relationship with your child and your family. It can be hard to spot those family patterns when you are in the middle of them. 

We will help you with the tools you need to reconnect with your child, parent them in ways that are loving and also build respectful relationships.

As experienced family and child counselors, we can help you and your child rediscover peace in your home and warmth in your relationship. 

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