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Family Therapy

Does your home resemble a war zone rather than the peaceful, fun family life you envisioned?

Do you struggle to get your kids to cooperate and find yourself yelling, arguing and nagging?

Do you have worries about your child’s behavior at home or school?  

Do you wish your kids would talk to you more?

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How can Family Therapy help?

We help families to improve communication when you find yourselves:

  • Arguing frequently
  • Experiencing high conflict
  • Learning to adapt to new family structures such as blended families or divorce adjustment
  • Not feeling close or enjoying each other like you used to
  • Healing from trauma or grieving losses

We support families to develop connection, strong bonds and peace when children:

  • Have difficulty controlling their emotions
  • Experience depression or anxiety
  • Struggle in school
  • Do not follow directions
  • Have been through traumatic experiences
  • Do not understand and learn from consequences

We help parents who want to:

  • Learn how to have a better relationship with their children
  • Understand their kids, their behavior and their growing brains and needs
  • Learn how to play and connect with their kids
  • Improve their ability to their teens, building closeness and trust
  • Support mental health challenges children might have such as anxiety, depression, ADHD
  • Help their kids to heal from traumatic experiences

We use attachment-based and trauma-informed family therapy interventions while working families. We are gentle and nurturing, yet firm and structured. We work intensively with caregivers teaching them how to approach their children effectively and help them heal from their past traumas.

Family Therapy isn’t just for families with children

Families of all ages sometimes need the help of a family therapist. Family therapy helps adults too:

  • Run a family business together
  • Heal from difficult experiences in the past
  • Work together to care for an ailing parent or other family member
  • Adjusting and getting along after inheritance or estate changes

Family Therapy appointments available In-Office or via Online Video Therapy.

Call for an appointment today, 303-513-8975. Or, schedule an appointment now with one of our Greenwood Village family therapists:

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Online Therapy Available

Are you quarantined in the house with your family? This constant togetherness that is forced by the coronavirus pandemic can get old, fast. If your family is struggling with keeping the peace, our Greenwood Village family counselors can offer family counseling via online therapy so you can feel more comfortable at home ASAP. 

We offer options for either in-office or online video counseling sessions & are currently accepting new clients. Contact us to learn more or schedule now.
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