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If being a new parent and dealing with the coronavirus pandemic feels overwhelming, you’re not alone. The uncertainty, changing information, concerns about infection, and constant alarming news reports take their toll on us emotionally and physically. When you are already dealing with lack of sleep, trying to adjust to your new role, and being cooped up at home, doing so in a pandemic makes it even harder. If you’re feeling a sense of heightened anxiety and overwhelm during this time, we can help. Our Denver Parent Counselors are trained to support you through this time and find strategies that work for you to manage your anxiety in this unprecedented time, whether in-office with precautions, or via online therapy.

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Denver New Parent Counseling

Are you new parents discovering that parenting is not what you expected? Are you and your spouse having a hard time adjusting and wondering if your relationship is headed for trouble?  Do you feel overwhelmed as a parent?

Having a baby can be one of the most joyful experiences in a person’s life. But what happens when everything isn’t so perfect?  We know that the days and nights with a new baby can feel like a roller coaster – one moment full of happiness, the next overwhelming and very challenging.

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The challenging realities of becoming new parents

Many new parents may feel overwhelmed, sad, or anxious. If becoming a parent is more challenging than you expected, talking with a trained therapist about your feelings can be helpful.

Whether you’re a new mom who’s feeling normal “baby blues,” someone who wonders if you might have postpartum depression, or a couple trying to manage the stress of caring for an infant, we can help.

We provide a supportive and non-judgmental place for you to express your feelings, identify coping skills, and manage stress.

Remember: Happy parents make a happy and healthy baby.

You don’t want to wait to get support until your child starts to struggle, or your marriage is in danger.

Resources for Parents and Expecting Parents:

Harmony’s Family Cooperative – Pregnancy and postpartum massage, childbirth education, labor doula

Rocky Mountain Doula – Lactation education and support, labor doula

Washington Park Chiropractic – Prenatal, postpartum and pediatric chiropractic care

Night Nannies – Overnight nanny care for newborns, sleep consultations


A graphic that reads "Don't wait to get support until your child or relationship starts to struggle" to the left of a stock photo of two dads laying on a bed with their baby. One of the men has the baby on his chest while the other lays on his side next to them and watches. New Parent Counseling Denver Co

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