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Should I Stay or Go?

Maybe your relationship is in real crisis, but you aren’t sure if you can commit right now to couples counseling. Maybe you have too many questions. Maybe you have tried couples counseling before and you feel doubtful this time will be different. Maybe you don’t know how to talk to your partner about all that you are feeling.

Perhaps what you really need first is the support to go from confusion and discouragement to clarity and a decision about your marriage or relationship.

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If your relationship or marriage is on the brink and you or your partner wonder whether separation is the solution, we offer Greenwood Village Stay or Go Counseling.

This is a great choice for you if you just aren’t sure about staying in your current relationship. We see both couples and individuals for this therapy, and we work one-on-one with you to help you get to a place of clarity. Ultimately, we hope to help you make the most informed decision possible.

After months or years of arguments or hurts have occurred, it can be very difficult to think clearly about what you want and what is possible in your relationship. You may be experiencing a confusing range of emotions about your struggling relationship, including:

  • Fear of losing the relationship
  • Fear of staying unhappily in the status quo
  • Ambivalence or mixed feelings about staying or leaving
  • Angst over committing to staying when you don’t know if it will improve
  • Discouragement about having tried counseling or other ways to make it better

Often, the first reaction after another big argument or any kind of betrayal is to exit the relationship. However, it’s during this time that you need support to make the best decision.

We think it’s not a good idea to make such a huge life decision from a place of conflict and crisis.

That’s what Greenwood Village Stay or Go Counseling is for. You may be asking yourself some of these very normal questions:

  • Are we meant to be together?
  • Are we too different to make a good relationship?
  • Can we salvage this relationship or have we gone past the point of no return?
  • Will I ever get the love I want with him/her?
  • Are our children better off if we divorce, or can we show them how to love?
  • Can I get past my hurt and frustration with him/her?

We’re here for you. We’ll walk with you to help you take a thorough review of the relationship while getting outside perspective. We’ll help you communicate more effectively about your needs versus just getting stuck in another negative argument cycle. Plus, we will work diligently to help you understand the whirlwind of emotions you’re feeling.

Whether you make the decision to stay or go, there’s so much on the line. Without properly working through your relationship and feelings, it’s so hard to make a clear and informed decision.

Our Greenwood Village Stay or Go Counseling will help you find confidence and clarity about your path. Making the right choice starts by calling us today at 303-513-8975. Or, schedule online now to get started right away. Schedule Appointment

Stay or Go Counseling Tips

We offer options for either in-office or online video counseling sessions & are currently accepting new clients. Contact us to learn more or schedule now.
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