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Rachel Meso Denver Couples Therapist

Meet Rachel Meso, BS, Graduate Counseling Intern

I have always been fascinated by the lives and stories of others, exploring how intersecting identities and lived experiences impact the way people show up in their world and relationships. I decided to dedicate my professional career to walking alongside people as they navigate the healing of their personal and relational struggles.

My Inspiration for Becoming a Therapist

From a young age, I’ve been really attuned with the emotions and needs of others. When my parents got divorced in my childhood, I began my own experience with therapy. My parents tried to see several different couple’s therapists and there seemed to be a lot of blaming and side-taking with some of the therapists they saw.

Being a kid and put in the middle of endless fights, I wish to help couples navigate their relational troubles in a way that problems can be addressed, ensures each person feeling heard, and minimizes the negative impact of conflict on children (if they’re in your picture).

We are all hardwired to crave someone that we can lean on, who can healthily fulfill our innate needs of love and acceptance. However, it can be very challenging sometimes to create and sustain a relationship where you feel those feelings of connection, especially as life starts to throw curveballs and transitions at you.

How I Help Couples and Individuals with Relationship Challenges

Couples therapy with me can be beneficial when you start to experience some of those big life challenges such as becoming parents, losing loved ones, moving to a new community, changing careers, or navigating through difficult relationships with other loved ones like in-laws or teenagers.

It’s no simple task to merge people that come from completely different places and backgrounds into one cohesive team. Together, we will identify the negative patterns in your relationship and begin to learn and practice how to communicate with each other in ways that create closeness. I will support you as you grow together with increased emotional and sexual intimacy.

If your relationship has been injured, it can seem like healing those wounds is a daunting, complex, or even impossible hurdle. I am here to hold a safe space in which these struggles are less intimidating and to help your relationship moving through to a better place.

Therapy can also be helpful for those currently working through individual challenges and self-esteem issues that may be affecting your relationship, or to integrate healing through the extra support provided in couples therapy.

What It’s Like To Do Therapy With Me

As a client of mine, you can anticipate feelings of connectedness and nonjudgement in my space, accompanied by moments of laughter. You can expect to feel safe, heard, and validated through your efforts to shaping your relationship into the love you desire. I am curious, open-minded, have a grounded presence, and comfort others naturally. I can’t wait to get to know you and hear your story!

A Bit More Information About Me

I am from Michigan, having lived in Colorado since 2020. I received my Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State and am pursuing my Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver.

I am a nature and animal loving, world exploring, free spirit that loves to cook, clean, and listen to music (bonus points if it’s live). I  stop to smell the flowers each chance I get. Laughter, food, and music are medicines I take every day!

Schedule a Counseling Appointment with Rachel Meso

Rates with Rachel Meso, Graduate Counseling Intern are $90 for 75-minute sessions and $60 for 50-minute sessions. Sessions available Monday and Tuesday evenings as well as Saturdays. To learn more or schedule with Rachel, call 303-513-8975, X1. Or, you can send us a note here.


We offer options for either in-office or online video counseling sessions & are currently accepting new clients. Contact us to learn more or schedule now.
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