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Is Couples Counseling Worth the Investment?

Is Couples Counseling Worth the Investment of money and time? Many people who reach out to our Denver Tech Center Counseling practice have made up their minds that their relationship IS worth the investment! However, some people are unsure, don’t know how to talk to their partner about counseling, or answer that question based off of misinformation or fears.

Here’s what we know, based on our research-backed model of couples therapy and having helped thousands of couples grow strong relationships. 

Most of us going into a committed relationship or marriage probably spend some time worrying about whether this relationship will stand the test of time. It makes sense, since most of us have been impacted by divorce in some way during our lives.

However, maintaining happy and long-lasting relationships is not easy. A relationship brings together two unique individuals with different backgrounds, instincts, and expectations – united by the desire to be together.

Life Happens

Couples Counseling is worth the investment because – Life Happens! Life events create stress and can take a toll on the relationship. A relationship that felt solid during the early years  may feel tumultuous as you and your partner face tough times. Becoming parents, experiencing an empty nest, job changes or losses, or facing illness or grief can shake even the strongest of relationships.

Our inevitable differences and life events are a recipe for friction or disconnection at times. It’s normal and a fact, not something to be afraid of. But, getting the right help when you need it is crucial.

The strength of a relationship depends on the extent to which the couple can continue to reach out to one another in spite of those differences and life challenges.

You Will Probably Get Into Negative Cycles in Your Relationship

Maintaining happy relationships can be daunting when you get caught in a repeating pattern of negative interactions.

Sometimes, couples may simply need outside help to make it work, because it’s so hard to see when you’re caught in a negative cycle. However, it is not easy to take the leap of faith into a couple therapist’s office.

Even though research indicates that couples who get the right kind of relationship help when needed will be able to sustain happy and healthy relationships, many couples wait too long to get help. To help you out if you’re on the fence, 

Here the top 5 reasons why couples counseling is worth the investment:

1. Because it’s possible for you to have a joyous, strong and close connection

To live in a secure relationship, with a happy and close connection to your partner is the pinnacle of life. You deserve, your whole life long, to know that you can reliably reach to your loved ones for closeness, contact, and comfort and be met with love.

2. It turns out it’s not always easy learn how to communicate effectively

Communication is one of the essential pillars of a healthy relationship. Yet, so many couples can get into negative communication patterns.

In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, we go way beyond teaching communication skills because those tend to go out the window in the very next argument.

Instead, we help you to understand your inner experience, and then share that with your partner in a way fundamentally changes your relationship. This new way of sharing with each other will draw your partner closer, help them understand you better, and lead to your needs being met.

3. To get out of your negative cycles before long-term damage is done

Sometimes, couples get stuck in rigid negative patterns, where each person’s behavior triggers an upset in the other. Often, the other partner responds in a way that reinforces the hurt and distance that started the disconnect.

By helping you slow down your communication, talk about what’s really going on inside you, and help you avoid the traps of escalation and emotional outbursts, you can begin to build a new and positive communication cycle.

Our counseling sessions are experiential, so you will feel how different it is. Results of EFT are long-lasting too. Couples who complete EFT will find their relationship changed for the better months and years after therapy.

Once you begin to tackle your negative cycle together, it is easier to grow closer, reignite your sexual connection, and to begin to tackle common couple challenges such as finances, parenting and in-laws – as a team.

4. To help you find a change in perspective

Sometimes, it can be puzzling and frustrating when you get into a conflict cycle or rough patch without identifying what the problem is.

Our counselors help you have a change of perspective – a neutral party that helps you see your relationship from a more objective angle. We help you squarely face your challenges as a team rather than engage in blame games and fault-finding.

5. Emphasize the strengths of you, your partner, and your relationship

Most couples tend to focus more on their weaknesses than their strengths. Counseling helps partners focus on their strengths as a couple, reinforce those strengths and help them enjoy – rather than endure – their relationship.

We wholeheartedly believe that every relationship can benefit immensely from couples counseling. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary skills to build an enjoyable, resilient and fulfilling relationship. We want you to experience how powerful you can be together when you face challenges as a team and communicate effectively.

You, and your most important relationship, are worth it. 

If you’re ready to make an investment in your relationship, give our Greenwood Village couples counselors a call to book your counseling appointment today: 303-513-8975, X1, or schedule online:  Schedule Appointment


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