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Is it hard to focus on your upcoming wedding while the coronavirus pandemic swirls around you? Are you struggling with grief about how this is changing your normal engagement and pre-wedding time? Even if you’re not married to your partner, you can benefit from couples counseling! Some couples are living in close quarters with their partners during the coronavirus pandemic, and other couples are separated for an indefinite period, all of which can bring up complicated feelings. Whether you’re quarantined with your partner or not, our Denver couples counselors offer online therapy to help manage tensions during this time. 

Premarital Counseling for Denver Tech Center Couples

Premarital Counseling Denver Tech Center


You’ve heard about couples going to marriage counseling, but what about premarital counseling? Denver Tech Center premarital counseling can help provide the solid foundation that your marriage can grow upon.

In a safe, healthy environment, our specialists can work with you and your spouse-to-be to build a relationship that’s stronger than ever.

We see it time and time again: early communication breakdowns lead to communication problems in a marriage. Then, life happens, and before you know it, your marriage is in trouble.

We’re here to guide you along a safe course for marriage success that includes building your relationship up and having the talks that shouldn’t wait.

Premarital couples have specific needs, and we’re here to help you have those difficult yet critical conversations. Have you really talked about kids, money, religion, getting along with in-laws, your family histories, or sex? Are those productive conversations that bring you closer? Or, do upset feelings or a negative communication pattern get in the way?

Denver Tech Center premarital counseling also offers a springboard for talking about family history and the messages learned early on about expressing emotion and closeness.

You may need premarital counseling support to help you navigate challenging relationships that come to the surface in a wedding, such as future in-laws, wedding party members, divorced parents, and more. Check out our other article on 5 Signs to tell if you NEED premarital counseling.

Sometimes, planning for the wedding takes center stage. We forget to carve out the time needed to focus on these topics. Denver Tech Center premarital counseling gives you the space to focus on and grow your relationship outside of wedding planning.

Your wedding day will be one day. What happens after that depends upon the foundation you build now.

We’re here to help build up your communication skills and hone in on the lifelong tools of closeness and trust. We provide the safe support you need to overcome normal fears and jitters about this huge life event.

Our premarital counseling is more than just surface discussions. Instead, you’re going to get the support you need to prepare and build a solid foundation for a lifetime of love.

Your marriage depends on it.

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