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Sex is important. In fact, improving sexual connection is one of the most common goals couples have in couples therapy.

Sexuality can be an incredibly important part of a close, intimate relationship. When we feel close, secure and bonded to our partner, sex can be a joy that brings us even closer.

Many couples, however, find that sexual connection and closeness doesn’t come easily, or perhaps it has changed throughout the course of the relationship.

Sex and closeness are a package deal. When we don’t feel close, or when we aren’t communicating well, chances are that our sex life will suffer.

Sex can also bring up really big feelings around body image, trust and safety (emotional and physical), and wanting to feel deeply loved or desired. Because these are vulnerable conversations to have, lots of couples avoid talking about them. Or, they go about it all wrong, starting a hurtful argument instead of a bonding conversation.

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Good communication around your sexual relationship is essential

We use evidence-based Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to help couples understand what is getting in the way of communicating about and improving their sexual connection. We help couples with the following challenges in their sex lives.

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