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What to Do After a Big Fight

Do’s and Don’ts After a Big Fight


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What can you do after a big fight with your partner? Our number one piece of advice is to use the momentum to create lasting change in your relationship.

After a fight with your partner, use the momentum to create lasting change in your relationship.

In a big fight, you can find yourself doing and saying things you deeply regret. Do any of these happen when you have huge arguments?

  • Saying mean things that aren’t true
  • Making threats about the relationship being over
  • Yelling or name-calling
  • Bringing up past arguments or hurts
  • Using black and white language like, “You never…” or “You always…”
  • Saying or doing something hurtful back
  • Leaving, separating or moving out

Here are our top tips for Do’s and Don’ts after a fight.after a fight, Greenwood Village couples counselor


Couples often call us for counseling after things have gotten bad like this. This is good because research shows that starting Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy can bring your relationship from on the brink of the end to a loving, more secure relationship where you communicate well and know how to avoid and repair from arguments.

Does your relationship need couples therapy? We’re happy to talk to you about what’s been happening in yours to determine the best path for you.

Get help – don’t delay after a fight with your partner

Call us today at 303-513-8975 to start recovering from your latest argument. Better yet, schedule your first couples therapy appointment now so you don’t have to seek counseling after a fight. Schedule Appointment

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