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Video introduction to Denver Counseling with Allison Rimland, LPC

Here’s a video introduction to my counseling practice so you can learn more about me and the kinds of challenges I support people to overcome.

I very much enjoy couples counseling, and work with all kinds of relationship difficulties such as lack of communication, frequent arguments, improving intimacy and building a satisfying sexual relationship, deepening connection, etc.

I also help individuals with relationship concerns such as how to talk to their partner, how to get the relationship they want, what might be happening in their relationship that is causing difficulties, understanding what led to break-up or divorce, healing from the end of a relationship, etc.

I work with many people with anxiety issues such as panic attacks, generalized anxiety, phobias, constant worrying, etc.

Also, I work with survivors of traumatic experiences.  In particular, I have worked with many survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault.  I help these survivors find ways to heal the trauma with tools like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  I help them to integrate their experiences into their relationships so that they are getting the loving support from loved ones that they need and deserve.

Now, I will out myself in saying that it was not easy for me to take the plunge and post a video introduction of myself.  I’m afraid I procrastinated quite a bit and was very nervous in creating this video introduction. The truth is, we all face goals that at first seem daunting, and maybe make us feel quite vulnerable.  These anxious feelings are quite normal, and they tend to get better if we take a risk and reach out to another person.

Counseling can be a wonderful way to take that first step to meeting your goals. In the beginning, you may feel quite anxious and perhaps find yourself procrastinating beginning counseling.  However, by the end of the first session, most people feel a sense of relief at sharing their experience with someone who cares, and also hope.  Hope that there is a path to feeling better, finding connection, and healing.

Call today to discuss concerns and goals that you have.  I look forward to hearing from you and joining you on your hopeful journey! 303-513-8975. Or, use my online scheduler to book your appointment now

Video Introduction Denver Counselor

Denver Counseling to get the love you want!

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