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It Takes A Village...When You Become A Parent

It Takes a Village…when you become a parent

What you will wish you knew when you become a parent

Thinking back to the birth of your first child, would you have enjoyed having a support network of other new moms in those first few months? Would you have liked to have some time to process all the feelings you were having in your new role? Was it a challenge adjusting to co-parenting with your partner? Could you have benefited from more time to talk about how you were doing in addition to how the baby was growing?

In my experience, it was YES to all the above. Developing my village of moms seemed to take a long time; far beyond when I really needed it – in those challenging first few months of parenthood.

Do you have questions about your new little bundle of joy?

Wondering if you’ll need some support once your baby arrives?

Counseling for new parents can provide you a supportive atmosphere where you can talk about the challenges of new baby care, as well as the emotional ups and downs of new motherhood. My mission is to provide you with support for making the most out of your journey as you become a parent.  I also provide support to couples so that your relationship doesn’t fall apart as you adjust to your new life. 

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The journey begins when you become a parent!

A supportive parents’ or new moms group can help tremendously.  Moms resources can be found by searching for new moms groups, breastfeeding support groups, postpartum groups, etc.  Though I no longer run a group, here are reviews from participants about why the experience of joining with others as they became parents was so helpful:

“My favorite part of the group was getting to know other moms.”
“The group helped me to remember that there are other moms going through the same things.”
“I was able to look at things more positively and share my challenges with other moms.”
“I loved seeing that other babies could be fussy and other moms know exactly how I feel.”

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