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Veronica Mugi, Aurora marriage counselor, Englewood couples therapist, Swahili therapist, Kikuyu counseling

Meet Veronica Mugi, BA,
Graduate Couple and Family Therapy Intern

Hi, I’m Veronica. I’m truly grateful that you’re here and taking a risk in vulnerability. These small (but really, they’re big) risks in vulnerability are often scary at first, but they pave the way to healing and authenticity.

Counseling can be a really meaningful tool in empowering you to connect with yourself and those around you, and to live a sustainably healthy life. 

As a counselor, I trust that you are the expert of your own life and seek to provide a space where you can show up fully as you are.

My hope for our time together is that you feel seen, heard, and held. I hope that you find your way back to yourself and those you love, and that you find rest, even in the tensions and difficulties of life.

Words That Describe My Counseling Style

A word cloud made up of orange, light green, dark green, and brown text of various sizes that describes Veronica Mugi, a graduate intern in Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling, And Family Counseling at Thrive Family Services in Englewood Colorado.

Veronica Mugi’s Counseling Specialties

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

      • Examples of what we can work on: building empathy for one another, identifying negative cycles in relationships, understanding how attachment impacts relationships, support in co-regulating and expressing emotions, repair relationship bonds, including family relationships
  • Couples Counseling: 

      • Examples of what we can work on: building security and safety in your relationship, communicating well, being authentic with each other, healing and repairing attachment wounds/ruptures
  • Family Therapy: 

      • Examples of what we can work on: strengthening bonds within the family unit, creating rhythms of connection in a fast-paced world, communicating well
  • Individual Therapy: 

      • Examples of what we can work on: processing trauma, growing in self-awareness, fearlessly taking up space, life transitions
  • Interracial Couples Therapy: 

      • Examples of what we can work on: strengthening the relational bond through a systemic lens
  • Counseling for BIPOC: 

      • Examples of what we can work on: processing and healing through racial trauma
  • Family Counseling for Transracial adoptive families: 

      • Examples of what we can work on: strengthening the family unit and facilitating space for important conversations
  • Faith and Spirituality Counseling: 

    • Examples of what we can work on: healing from spiritual abuse, connecting with spirituality, building an aligned community

My Background and Experience

More recently, I’ve engaged in counseling with couples and individuals around issues related to communication, setting healthy boundaries, building a healthy self-image, and life transitions.

In the past, I provided care to 53 African immigrant families through the COVID-19 pandemic.

I engaged in informal counseling with families and couples over issues ranging from relational stress to financial pressures, among others. I also facilitated wellness groups for families at the community center and directed an after-school program for the children in the community.

My time in this work taught me a great deal about the importance of family, community, and living intentionally. 

Additionally, I’ve worked with individuals struggling with eating disorder related symptoms by co-facilitating movement and experiential based groups and collaborating with clients to ensure progression through their treatment goals.

When working with underprivileged kids in St. Louis, I utilized trauma-informed care to process issues with these children and their families. It was beautiful to see how increased awareness enabled parents to create healthier environments for their kids to thrive.

I can also provide therapy to clients whose first languages are Swahili or Kikuyu. Kwasababu naongea Swahili pia, tunaweza fanya hii kazi pamoja kwa Kiswahili ukipenda. Asante!  

A few things that fill my heart

  • Quality time with my husband
  • Quiet time alone
  • Reading and writing poetry, reading African literature & fiction (with a warm cup of green tea)
  • My family and few closest friends
  • Finding special clothes at thrift stores
  • Movement (running, going to the gym, hiking and being outside)

I’m looking forward to knowing you and being a part of your story.

Schedule Counseling with Veronica:

Veronica sees clients Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, including morning and evening hours. Counseling fees are $90 for a 75-minute session, $60 for a 50-minute session.

You can schedule an appointment via our easy and secure scheduling system here, or send us a note below for more information:

To learn more about counseling with Veronica, call 303-513-8975, X1.  Or, send us an inquiry note here:

We offer options for either in-office or online video counseling sessions & are currently accepting new clients. Contact us to learn more or schedule now.
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