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“Being understood and accepted is essential in every relationship. Creating stronger connections requires us to be transparent, open to strengthening our communication, and appreciating our loved ones for who they authentically are.”

-Thearica Bright-Mickle, Graduate Counseling Intern

Meet Thearica Bright-Mickle (Rica), Graduate Counseling Intern

Couples Therapy – Couples I work with want to be understood and accepted by their partners for who they truly are at their core. As your supportive guide, I’m here to help you rebuild genuine and accepting relationships sustained by trust, effective communication, commitment, and deeper intimacy. Using research-based Emotionally Focused Therapy, we will identify how your emotions affect your communication and help you shape new ways to communicate, rebuild, and reconnect.

Family Therapy – Any family can struggle with communicating their concerns and needs. Because every family has its own unique structure, I will help you learn to identify how you might be getting stuck in negative patterns of communication that don’t end well.

From there, I will help you learn how to communicate and set goals as a family to address “the hard stuff” and build healthier bonds. For those families who have been impacted by trauma, I have special training to help you learn how to be a resilient family who heals together when you have “endured more than most.”

Individual Therapy – I am here to support you in building stronger relationships, find your true passions, cope with trauma and communicate your emotions more effectively. Most importantly, let’s help you find self-love and acceptance.

My clients are Individuals, Couples, and Families facing:

  • Family disagreements, tensions, or strained relationships
  • Coping with past traumas
  • Marital issues
  • Singles with dating woes
  • Self-acceptance issues
  • Identity Issues
  • Racial Trauma/Race-Based Traumatic Stress (RBTS)
  • Kinship family structures
  • Engaged, premarital couples
  • Interracial Marriage/Dating
  • Multicultural/Biracial Family Issues
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Minority Family Issues
  • Single Parenting

My beliefs as a Therapist

  • I believe in providing multicultural support
  • I believe in the power of genuineness
  • I believe each person at the core wants to feel connected to others
  • I believe healthier relationships begin with self-healing
  • I believe in promoting resiliency

Trainings & Certifications

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • ARC (Attachment, Regulation, and Competency)
  • Grandfamilies Leadership

Schedule Online

Fees for Counseling Sessions with Thearica Bright-Mickle, BA:

$90 for a 75-minute session, $60 for a 50-minute session

For more information, please call 303-513-8975, X1.

Flyer for our Single Parent Support Group. Text Reads "Single Parent Support Group. Single Parents! Are you looking for a non-judgmental place to process the feelings of raising your child or children by yourself? Are you looking for ways to help you navigate your child’s needs while balancing your needs without a partner? Would you like to be able to share and hear other single parents’ experiences with dating? The Single Parent Support Group is a great place to Communicate, Get Support, and Feel Connected. In this online group, we will talk about attachment styles for you and your child, parenting challenges, and dating. Mondays, 5/10 – 6/14 (skipping Memorial Day). 7-9 PM, Online. Pay what you can $0-$10/night Facilitated by Thearica Bright-Mickle, BA To register, call 303-513-8975, X1, or email" There is a photo of the facilitator, Thearica, and a stock photo of a mother working on a couch with a child next to her.

Join Thearica for our Single Parenting Support Group!

The Single Parent Support Group is a great place to communicate, get support, and feel connected. In this online group, we will talk about attachment styles for you and your child, parenting challenges, and dating.

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